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The clear choice for Board of Education in District 6

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Dear Neighbor,

My sincere thanks to you and so many others for supporting my campaign to represent District 6 on our county’s Board of Education. I’m delighted to report the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections submitted its final results to the Maryland State Board of Elections and my lead in the election results stands! I won the Board of Education race in District 6 by 10.1 percent, receiving 54.7 percent of the votes. My opponent received 44.6 percent of the votes. Write-in candidates accounted for 0.8 percent of the votes.


My win would not be possible without the help of many people who supported my campaign. First, and foremost, I must recognize my husband Steve, our daughter Diana, and my mother Mary-Frances. They quite literally lived through every moment of my campaign for a one-year period. Their love and support made my campaign not only possible, but worthwhile.


I also want to thank my inner circle of supporters, the best any candidate at any level could wish for: Creative Director Jason Vaughan; Communications Director Katherine Larrabee, Field Director Silas Denton, and Treasurer Susan Levine. Their talent, friendship, and hard work on behalf of my campaign was relentless. Their passion to learn and understand the issues facing District 6 students, families, teachers was unyielding.


To the many other volunteers – Thank you!! I could not have won my race without your help. You emailed your friends and neighbors on my behalf, donated to the campaign, helped wave my candidate signs on busy corners around Annapolis, wrote postcards by the hundreds, handed out literature at the polls, and on and on. I’m very grateful for your belief in my candidacy, as well as your energy and persistence.


Finally, I wish to thank India Ochs, my opponent, for bringing her considerable knowledge and passion to this District 6 Board of Education race. It was an honor to have such a worthy opponent and a pleasure to get to know her. I wish her the greatest success in her future endeavors which, I know, will include continued advocacy for District 6 children and families, particularly those with special needs.


Now, on to the next chapter. I will be sworn in as a member of the AAC Board of Education on Monday, December 7, and will begin my BOE responsibilities on Monday, December 14. The next weeks and months will be a busy time for the BOE and the AAC public school system as we begin the next phase of working through plans to cope with the Covid pandemic while continuing to provide the very best education for all our children.


I wish you and your families a happy holiday season. Stay safe and be well. 


The Top Three Priorities I Will Fight For


Ensuring every student has the necessary resources for success.

Addressing student mental health

Smart start times and 
reliable transportation

Optimal class sizes

Read More on Six Issues I Will Address to Approach Equity in Our Schools 


Creating a workable structure for attracting and retaining the best teachers in Anne Arundel County.

Salaries that align with 
surrounding counties


Consistent, authentic, and supportive mentorship for 
new teachers


Teacher-driven, high-quality professional development

Read More on Five Ways I Will Work for Keeping Our Teachers 


Holding the schools accountable for effectiveness and transparency.

Issues around equity, bias, and hate crimes addressed quickly, effectively, and transparently


Meeting special education needs 
through clear, transparent communication
with families


Ensuring that school facilities are safe, secure, and meet the needs of all our children equitably

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When it comes to our students, equity, advocacy. and community engagement, Joanna Bache Tobin is my choice for AACPS Board of Education. She has the passion and collaboration skills to create a more transparent and effective system that works for all of our families and students."


Annapolis Community Leader

“The breadth of Joanna's education experience and expertise would be a tremendous asset to the Board of Education as it seeks to address the daunting challenges facing our public school system, challenges that are only growing as a result of the pandemic. As an AACPS parent, I am grateful to Joanna for her willingness to roll up her sleeves and work tirelessly to find creative solutions on behalf of our students, teachers and schools as they face unprecedented challenges.”"


Former Delegate, District 30A
Maryland House of Delegates

“Every once in a while there is a candidate who rises above all others. Joanna is that candidate. I quickly realized within a few visits how much she brings to the political arena: a superior intellect, decades of educational experience, and the compassion and integrity needed to help lead a large school system. I highly recommend and enthusiastically endorse Joanna Tobin to represent District 6 on the Board of Education."


Annapolis District 6 Resident

and Member, AACO Democratic Central Committee

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