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Joanna Featured in The Motherlode Magazine’s Women at the Helm

The spring 2024 issue of Annapolis Mom’s Media The Motherlode magazine showcases over  100 women influencing the way we live in Anne Arundel County. Joanna Bache Tobin is one of several elected officials highlighted in the magazine.


“I am so honored to be part of such an amazing experience,” Joanna said. “It was a tremendous moment to stand with an amazing group of women who are passionate and dedicated to making our county a welcome, safe, and vibrant place to live.”


All the women featured in the magazine were asked the same questions, including what made them take the leap (start a business, run for office, become a leader, etc.).


“I have always believed there is no single more important issue in shaping our future as a

community and as a society than education,” Joanna told the magazine. “More than that, I believe that a functioning democracy cannot survive and thrive without a strong public education system. Deciding to run for office was truly a leap, and it was terrifying, but it felt like the right thing to do, and the right moment to do it.”



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