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New Primary Date and Absentee Ballot Information

On Wednesday, March 18, Governor Larry Hogan announced new dates for Maryland’s primary election. The new primary election date has been pushed from April 28 to Tuesday, June 2. Early primary voting now will be available May 21 thru 28.

Adjusting these dates helps to meet Maryland’s current restrictions on gatherings, safeguarding your health and that of thousands of election workers (often seniors), whom Maryland relies on every election cycle.

Under the circumstances, you may wish to cast your ballot by mail in the primary election. You may do so by either submitting a request online at and clicking the ‘Request a Ballot’ box OR obtaining a request form from

The new deadline to request an absentee ballot for the primary election is May 26, 2020, if you want to receive the ballot by mail. Or, if you want to receive the ballot electronically, the request deadline is May 29, 2020. Voted ballots must be postmarked on or before Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

I’m also sharing a few frequently asked questions you may find helpful.

Will the same polling centers be available on June 2, 2020?

The Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) is consulting with local boards, such as the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections (BOE), to confirm the availability of existing voting locations for the primary election. If polling places change, election officials will notify affected voters.

Will senior centers continue to serve as polling places?

The SBE and local boards, such as Anne Arundel County BOE, will continue to follow the guidance of federal and state health officials when determining where voters will vote. If polling places change, election officials will notify affected voters.

What is SBE’s guidance to election workers over the age of 60?

The SBE strongly encourages all Marylanders over the age of 60 to follow public health guidance published by Maryland and the Centers for Disease Control.

What steps is SBE taking to safeguard public health at polling centers?

SBE, in consultation with the Maryland Department of Health, will prepare and submit to Governor Hogan by April 3, 2020, a comprehensive plan for the conduct of the presidential primary election. The plan will include measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 on primary election day and to help safeguard voters and election workers. SBE will coordinate with local boards of elections and election workers to implement these measures in advance of the election.

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